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Auto Dealer Insurance

If you are looking to auto dealer insurance that suits your needs, contact East Coast Insurance Group LLC. We will help you find the dealership insurance that protects you today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Request our services by contacting (860) 774-5835 today.


Commercial Auto Insurance

With car accidents being common enough, it’s important to invest in commercial auto insurance solutions to protect your business and your fleet.


Insurance Company

East Coast Insurance Group LLC has been providing competitive insurance packages to the automotive industry for years. Our team of trained and highly experienced advisors can guide you through the many available coverage options and find an insurance package that meets your unique needs.


Used Car Dealership Insurance

Because car dealerships allow customers to test drive their vehicles on their property and off, they require a special type of auto insurance designed specifically for them. Aside from the risks to the vehicle itself, each test driver needs to be covered for possible accidents.

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Towing Insurance

East Coast Insurance Group LLC is proud to be Hartford’s leading towing insurance agency. For over 20 years, we’ve helped our clients in the automotive industry defend their interests and protect their investments with our affordable and extensive insurance plans. Countless businesses have benefitted from our excellent services, expert advice, and our extremely competitive insurance rates. We want your company to be the next.

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Tow Truck insurance

Finding the right tow truck insurance plan requires scrutiny, industry-specific contacts, and a committed insurance agent. It requires a team like East Coast Insurance Group LLC.