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Used Car Dealership Insurance in New London

If you’re looking for comprehensive insurance coverage for your facility, look no further than East Coast Insurance Group LLC. We’re the team with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Call us at 860.774.5835 today!

Every Dealership Needs Car Dealer Insurance

If the average American car owner has a lot to keep track of, you, the proprietor of a used car dealership, have exponentially more to worry about.

With so many vehicles to service on a routine basis and to protect at all costs, you need something more than security cameras, alarms, and a rigorous maintenance schedule. You need a comprehensive insurance plan that can protect you from the financial fallout of theft, failed transmissions, and flawed machinery. And what about the potential buyers who put themselves behind the wheels of your vehicles every day, or your staff? They need to be protected, too!

That’s where we come in.

The Car Insurance Brokers with Over 20 Years of Experience

There are many specialists and insurance experts in the area, but few of them have been in existence as long as us. Most companies come and go like used cars themselves, yet we’ve managed to stand the test of time.

It is no accident either. We thrive when others merely struggle to survive by always putting our clients first.

With us you can always expect:

  • Free No-Obligation Consultations
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Needs
  • Competitive Rates
  • Step-By-Step Service
  • Assistance with All Claims

Comprehensive Car Dealer Insurance Courtesy of East Coast Insurance Group LLC

With our help, you can find the perfect insurance plan. Our most-requested dealership-focused plans cover the following:

  • Your Retail Space and Showroom
  • Stock and Inventory
  • Liability Coverage
  • Theft, Damages, and Break-Ins
  • All Equipment

Dealer Insurance That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Some auto dealer insurance plans come with more than you need. When you’re paying high premiums to protect yourself from things that aren’t even in the realm of possibility, you’re paying too much money—plain and simple.

We’ll make sure you never pay more than necessary. We’ll find you an auto-dealer insurance that suits your needs.

We Will Manage Your Dealership’s Insurance Portfolio!

When we work with you, our certified insurance specialists become a member of your team. We’re not just one-time service providers, we’re your industry’s partners. We’re here to help you every step of the way, whenever necessary and whenever we are needed.

We will help you file insurance claims and manage the many confusing aspects of your insurance portfolio.

It takes a company with a certain level of expertise to make the procurement of insurance a simple process, and that’s the kind of company we are.

he Best Options for Used Car Dealership Insurance in All of New London

If you’d like to hear more about our insurance products don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your business isn’t just of great value to you—it is valuable to the entire New London community! Let us help you protect it.