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Business Auto Insurance in New London and all of the North East

With thousands of accidents happening on highways every year, Business Auto Insurance provided by East Coast Insurance Group LLC is always a sensible option for your company and your fleet. When you are on the road, servicing your clients, you need to know that you are covered by the right insurance.

This business auto insurance coverage is designed to protect your towing, auto transporter, repossession or auto dealer business in the event of an accident, theft, injury, and/or other damages involving your vehicles and your employees while driving insured company vehicles.

You want to keep your business moving forward and you want to provide your clients with a reliable service that is worthy of your company. We provide New Haven with a peace of mind that only comes from a top quality, comprehensive insurance service. No matter how large or small your fleet is we will provide you with the proper coverage for your vehicles.

From theft, to accidents , there are a whole series of unforeseen events that can happen to your fleet. This is why we offer the correct coverage that is designed to not only let you rest easy, but save you money. Some of the most popular policies we offer include:

  • Auto Dealer Business
  • Towing
  • Auto Transporter
  • Repossession

We specialize in this area and have for over 20 years so we understand your unique coverage needs. We encourage New Haven's fleet owners to get in touch with us for a comprehensive review of your current insurance program. We at East Coast Insurance Group LLC have the markets to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage available at very competitive prices.