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Used Car Dealer Insurance in New Haven and all of the North East

At East Coast Insurance Group, LLC we offer a comprehensive range of insurance products created specifically for used car dealerships.

As a used car dealer, you have a lot to keep track of. You have valuable merchandise that’s open to potential theft and damages, the potential of client complaints due to unforeseen errors, as well as the potential of on-site injuries.

The nature of your company is to make deals and manage your employees efficiently. Ensuring that everything is done legally and safely should be your top priority along with protecting your merchandise. Don’t leave yourself open to the kind of damages that could ruin your business. Get in touch with East Coast Insurance Group, LLC and see what we can do for you!

Areas We Cover

Attention to detail is important in the insurance industry. When we assess your lot, we’ll look into everything that could be a liability whether it’s physical property or situations that could arise in the future.

  • Retail space
  • Stock
  • Equipment
  • Liability
  • Theft and damages
  • …and more

While insurance for used car dealerships is not required by law, assuming that you don’t need it is simply a bad decision. If your business is interrupted in any way whether it be through equipment breakdown or crime, and you are left without insurance, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

What We Can Do for You

For more than 20 years, East Coast Insurance Group, LLC has been negotiating on behalf of our clients. Establishing used car dealership insurance for our client that benefits them rather than us is important to every member of our certified team.

By working with our industry experts, they’ll be able to determine what services you need, what situations you should consider in relation to your business and get you the best protection at rates you can feel good about.

In the case that you need to file a claim, we are the team that will be there to advocate for you. Providing the best insurance for used car dealerships is our specialty. Help us to help you, and let’s create the thriving business that you deserve.

Comprehensive and Affordable Insurance Solutions

Operating locally for more than two decades, you can rest assured that our brokers will be working tirelessly to ensure you have the best insurance for your dealership that is available.

Helping you choose the right insurance plan that suits your needs rather than our own is a process that we believe in. Our products are reliable, our advice is tried and true, and our clients can always count on us to provide a superior level of customer service.

Your business is of great value to you personally and monetarily. Should something ever go wrong, you would be devastated in more ways than one.

From our first phone call, East Coast Insurance Group, LLC will become just as invested in your company as you are yourself. So, give us a call today and find out what we can do for you!